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What's New at AcoPacific? 


NEW! The NetSLARMTM ACOustAlarm with ACOustAlert!

The NetSLARM Family of (Sound Level Alarms) monitor the sound levels in our environment and warn you of excessive and/or potentially dangerous noise pollution. They provide wired and wireless alarm and data capabilities and were developed in response to an increased emphasis on hearing conservation.

Download the SLARM Video Presentation here.
(.MPG format - 58MB)


SI7BNCSYS - IEPE Powered Sound Intensity Survey System including sensitivity matched 7052E capsules

7052PH - Phantom Powered Measurement Microphone Packages (7052E, 4048, WS1)

7052SYS - IEC61094-4 compliant Measurement Microphone System offers a cost effective option to acoustics measurements (7052E, 4212, WS1)

MK224PH - Phantom Powered Measurement Microphone Packages (MK224, 4048, WS1)

NEW Microphone

7020 Special Low Noise (<2dB) 1 inch Capsule


NEW Preamplifiers

4048 - Phantom Powered Mic Preamp

40L12  4012 Preamp with 7 Pin Lemo 1B Male mount (special order)

40X12 4012 Preamp with 5 Pin XLR Male mount (special order)

4012RAS 4012 Low Profile Right Angle 4012 Preamp

4212RAS 4212 Low Profile Right Angle 4212 Preamp

NEW CCLD Power Convertors

These adaptors provide a 4 mA constant current for ACOtron™, IEPE preamps and accelerometers.

IEPE1248  expand your studio and recording equipment

For the PS9200
PSIEPE4 for use with the PS9200 XLR supplies

NEW Accessories

MATT-XX - Microphone Attenuator for Electret (Prepolarized) ½ Inch Capsules

The upper SPL Measurement Limits of Modern Sound Level Meters and microphone preamps is often limited by the electronic design. For Sound Level Meters this limit is often 130 or 140 dBSPL.


Now Available for additional Savings:

  • 7052SYS combination package*
    7052E and 4212

  • MK224SYS combination package*
    MK224 and 4212

  • 7052PH combination package*
    7052E and 4048

  • MK224PH combination package*
    MK224 and 4048

*all include WS1 windscreens.

Download our new catalog!
in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format. (304K)



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