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Acoustics Products

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Our Market

ACO Pacific, Inc. is chartered to serve the needs of both the End-User and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Our OEM relationships have included Agilent Technology (formerly Hewlett Packard), Audio Precision, SPS, Crown, TEF/Tecron, DRA Labs, Goldline and many other instrumentation and process control manufacturers large and small worldwide. Our End-User customer base includes: the Automotive Industry; manufacturers and designers of loudspeakers; computer peripherals including disk drives, printers and systems; heavy equipment; auto parts - transmissions, tires, brakes and engines; regulatory agencies; consumer action organizations; universities; aerospace; and an alphabet soup of government agencies both US and foreign. ACO Pacific, Inc. has instituted a number of innovative programs to support small OEMs, and System Integrators.

Our SLARMSolutions™

Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, ATT Performing Arts Center, major constructions projects, Dam Gate Alarm monitoring, Blast Deflector Monitoring, Medivac Helipads, Vivariums, and many other diverse applications...

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