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ACOtronTM Preamps

4012  / 4016  /  4022  / 4048  /  4212 /  4012RAS & 4212RAS  /  preamp specifications

4012 Family

Detachable Cable provides:4012 PreAmp

  • Ease of Installation
  • Storage of Mic and Preamp
  • Ease of Repair

A Selection of Output Connectors -

  • 5 Pin XLR - Standard on the PS9200
  • 7 Pin Lemo
  • PS9200L7, PS9204L7 compatible with HP, B&K and Others
  • Custom Lengths/Connectors to meet your system needs

Low Power Standard

  • High Power (HP) Version available - More Line Drive
  • Wide Frequency Response - >200kHz BW
  • High Input Impedance - 50Gohms Typical
  • Low Input Capacitance
  • Very Low Noise

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Model 4212 - IEPE
Mic/Accelerometer Preamp

The ACOtron 4212 is designed to work with both prepolarized (electret) measurement microphones, accelerometers and other charge devices. The 4212 may be powered from industry standard IEPE (Constant Current Line Drive) sources like the IEPE equivalents found in many measurement instruments. The 4212 permits maximum utilization of available current and supply voltage.

4212 PreAmpAt 20 mA IEPE the 4212 is capable of providing 14 Vpp at 20 kHz into a 50 nF (50,000 pF) line load - the equivalent of over 3000 feet of low capacitance coax cable. Yet it also performs quite well at 4 mA providing the same 14 Vpp output at 20 kHz into a 5 nF load. The uV (typ) "A" weighted noise floor assures an excellent dynamic range.

Companion prepolarized measurement microphone capsules and power supplies round out the offering. The MK224 is a Free Field microphone capsule providing 50 mV/Pa sensitivity, 20 kHz frequency response and a <14 dBA noise floor.

7052E IEC61094-4 compliant prepolarized microphone capsules incorporate Titanium Diaphragm, and "0" Temperature Coefficient (TC ) insulator construction to offer IEC61094-4 compliant performance. The 7052E provides Free Field response, 35 mV/Pa sensitivity and >25 kHz frequency response.

The 4212 and DM2-1K may be used as a preamplifier for Quartz accelerometers and other passive transducers requiring high input impedances. The DM2-1K may be used to connect them to the 4212.

Now Available for additional Savings:

  • 7052SYS combination package* - 7052E and 4212
  • MK224SYS combination package* - MK224 and 4212
  • 7052PH combination package* - 7052E and 4048
  • MK224PH combination package* - MK224 and 4048

*all include WS1 windscreens. 

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Phantom Powered Mic Preamp

4048 Phantom Powered Measurement/Studio Microphone Preamp

  • 3 Pin Male SLR Industry StandardModel 4048 PreAmp Configuration
  • 18-48 Vdc Phantom
  • Low Noise <2 uV dBA @ 22pF Max Output 14 Vp-p (5 Vrms)
  • 1/2 Inch Microphone thread per IEC1094
  • Transformerless Output Response <10Hz >20kHz 0.5dB

Specialty Preamps 

4012RA and 4212RA

4012RA/4212RA Preamp4012RA and 4212RA Right Angle mount 1/2 Inch Preamplifiers- Based on the 4012 and 4212 preamplifiers the 4012RA and 4212RA provide right angle mounting of the microphone. This allows microphones to be placed in low profile areas and permits easy mounting in production environments.

The ACOtronTM 4212RA is based on the 4212 IEPE (Constant Current Line Drive) preamp.

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4012RAS and 4212RAS

4012RAS preamp


4212RAS Preamps


4012RAS and 4212RAS Low Profile Right Angle mount 1/2inch Preamplifiers- Based on the 4012 and 4212 preamplifiers the 4012RAS and 4212RAS provide right angle mounting of the microphone. This allows microphones to be placed in low profile areas and permits easy mounting in production environments.

The 4012RAS is based on the 4012 Preamp. Both XLR and Lemo 7 pin versions are available for use with the PS9200 and PS9200L7 power supplies.

The ACOtron 4212RAS is based on the 4212 IEPE preamp and is compatible with PCB and other similar systems.

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40L12 and 40X12

40L12 preamps

40L12 (Lemo 7 pin)

40 x 12 preamp

40X12 (XLR 5 pin)

Designed for panel mounting on test equipment. These units feature the same high performance of their 4012 counterparts. If cable mounting is desired the ACO Pacific CE4012-X-XX Series of Extension Cables may be used.

View Specifications (for 40L12)

View Specifications (for 40X12)

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