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Microphones and Pre-Amps - PS921EPE4.

The PSIEPE4 IEPE adaptor for the PS9200 (5 pin XLR version). PS9200 owners may now use the wide variety fo IEPE accelerometers and other measuring dvices available in addition to doing acoustic measurements.

Providing IEPE current of 4 mA, the PSIEPE4 simply plugs into an open microphone connection on the PS9200. The signal is supplied to the BNC connector at the rear of the power supply. The remaining channel may be used for our measurement microphones or even a second PSIEPE4.

Battery operation of the PS9200 with the PSIEPE4 is also possible, permitting field measurements as well. The higher current requirements of the IEPE devices will result in a shorter battery life.


  • XLR 5 Pin Male Connection fits the PS9200
  • BNC Male Coaxial Cable Connection
  • Supplies 4 mA Constant Current From 28 Vdc
  • Signal output from the PS9200 BNC output - including "G" option models.
  • Over 10 hours PS9200 operation from a single 9Vdc alkaline battery

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